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Over the past three years, Michelyve has made a significant impact in public and private schools, drawing on a rich background in education, science and literacy. Her journey began by supporting elementary students at her local library and working as an educational tutor after graduating from Drexel University. While at Louisiana State University, she wrote her master’s thesis on speech sound errors in children with dyslexia, focusing on the speech sounds /r/ and /s/ and outcomes for picture-based intervention.

Her professional path then led her to roles as a medical speech-language pathologist in ICUs during COVID-19 and later as a researcher at Johns Hopkins University. Now back in education, she uses her diverse expertise to support children and families in language, pragmatic, and articulation development. Passionate about making a difference, she also authored a children’s book, Bam the Tiny Brave Elephant, to further connect with and support her young clients.

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