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About Us

An All-Encompassing Therapy Approach.

Compass Communication Group was founded on the idea that the therapy journey was meant to be navigated with care, compassion, and thoughtfully curated intervention. Our board-certified clinicians are guided by evidenced-based practice where evidence meets client and experience meets evidence. We ensure that both caregivers and clients alike have an active role in steering the course of their therapy. Our mission is to consistently meet every client where their strengths lie and where their potential awaits.

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Meet Our Founder

Michelyve Allen

Michelyve Allen is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist that specializes in early language, voice and speech sound disorders. She is a brought alum of Drexel University and received her MA at Louisiana State University in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Michelyve enjoys taking part in research studies to further her learning.

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The Navigational Board

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